For our Prototype we are including a combination of blended, online, and asynchronous lessons to provide a wide variety of learning experiences for grade three students.

We chose to locate this Prototype within WordPress, as our platform of choice. It is easy for students to access as it does not require complicated login codes and passwords. It is very easy for students to navigate, and the pictures make it interesting and visually appealing.

Each of the three developed artifacts have been delivered with a Screencast format.  This allows for students to potentially watch the lessons at home. These recorded lessons provide opportunity for a ‘flipped classroom’ experience where students can watch them in the comfort of their own home (as many times as they like). This idea is built around the thought that students could then potentially have more individualized access to the teacher at school, and perhaps have a higher level of ‘readiness’ to begin in-class tasks.

There were many digital tools included in this prototype, most existing in the shell, which are yet to be fully developed.  All tools were chosen with students age in mind (8 and 9 year olds).  When choosing these tools, we tried to find ones that are novel, interesting, and engaging to capture students interest.

All Modules use the digital tool Seesaw as the place where students have opportunities to demonstrate their knowledge. Seesaw can be used on Ipads that are present in Regina Public classrooms. One of the great features of Seesaw, is that one or two Ipads can be passed around within the classroom and each student can enter information through their own account. Some of the other reasons for using Seesaw: gives all students a voice, it helps make thinking and learning visible, it creates ownership in learning, it can help to build reflection, it provides authentic assessment opportunities, there is an embedded blog, you can invite co-teachers, and it’s great for EAL learners.

We have carefully selected the course format and tools to maximize learning opportunities for grade three students who are on a journey of learning to use technology.